So, there's this guy Rick Nadeau who makes custom stuffed squirrels. As in taxidermy squirrels. Holding guns. Machine guns. And rifles. And nunchucks. And knives. Perhaps even a violin, or a deck of cards. You could say that Nadeau is being anthropomorphically creative with his squirrel taxidermy. Or you could say that he is depicting squirrels in activities that squirrels do secretly, when humans are not watching them.

He has had over 600 satisfied customers thus far. He uses vintage G.I. Joe accessories. “Each mount is different due to the time of year the squirrel is harvested,” Nadeau says on his site. “The summer squirrels have a lighter coat and (are) not as defined. There winter coats are much fuller with detail.” He mounts squirrels in “just about any position or style you would like.”

You can pick your squirrel's clothes, hats and weapons.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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