Don't call it a “greatest hits.” On November 2nd, Kill Rock Stars and Domino Records will release a compendium of 14 Elliott Smith songs from across his seven albums all on one release entitled “An Introduction to… Elliot Smith”

The album is essentially a beginner's guide to Smith, offering up on CD and 180 gram vinyl what could be considered singles from across Smith's career. It borrows heavily Smith's Domino/Kill Rock Star's releases, mostly Either/Or, and only includes two songs (you can guess which ones) from his Dreamworks releases. Kill Rock Stars recently reissued Roman Candle and From a Basement on the Hill this year, putting all but Smith's major label releases under their their watch.

It feels cheap to call this a greatest hits album, so instead, let's call it a mixtape. It's like that one mix you got from that girl or guy you liked, which then acted as a musical guidepost during that era when you were discovering why good music matters. This album seems to be an educational tool or an artifact.

Somebody call the Library of Congress.

Fill tracklisting and a free download of “Between The Bars” after the jump.

“Between The Bars” – Elliott Smith, Either/Or

1 Ballad of Big Nothing – from Either/Or

2. Waltz #2 – from XO

3. Pictures of Me – from Either/Or

4. The Biggest Lie – from Elliott Smith

5. Alameda – from Either/Or

6. Between The Bars – from Either/Or

7. Needle In The Hay – from Elliott Smith

8. Last Call – from Roman Candle

9. Angles – from Either/Or

10. Twilight – from From a Basement on the Hill

11.Pretty (Ugly Before) – from From a Basement on the Hill

12. Angel In the Snow – from New Moon

13. Miss Misery (early version) – from New Moon

14. Happiness (single version) – from Figure 8

Any other Smith songs you would have liked to see on here? Let us know in the comments.

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