Juicy Couture's L.A.-based founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have left their own building: After selling out to Liz Claiborne in 2003 and stepping down from co-presidents to creative directors in '08, the duo is leaving for good (kind of) over the creative direction of the company, reports The New York Post.

Whatevs: Tthe duo reportedly made $200 million off the deal with Claiborne — all that for stylized velour sweatsuits and the ubiquitous Juicy logo on the rear ends of hot moms everywhere. The pair told the Post that it wants to do other things (TV and, we're guessing, a new line) and would stay in touch with Claiborne as consultants.

The timing is right. While not quite over, Juicy feels like an artifact of the relatively go-go '00s and the mid-decade economic housing bubble. Juicy represented a celebration of the full-bootied woman, a bookmark for the heyday of Jennifer Lopez. The new decade feels more austere, more yoga-bodied … less huge-logo-on-your-ass.

“They've been saying [the firm was] over since we first sold the company in 2003,” Nash-Taylor said.

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