Hot off the twitter, Jessica “Desperately-Clutching-Onto-Fame” Simpson and Billy “I-Do-Spoken-Word-For-Wrestling-Fans” Corgan are caught making music together. And maybe babies. But I'll get to that in a minute. Simpson and Corgan have been snogging since December and have been apparently making music. Carefully leaked (aka, on purpose) by Kerry “Studio Dog” Brown on Twitter (@studiodog), the pictures of Simpson lovingly staring in the general direction of Corgan and giggling in the studio essentially act as a press release. It says “We are creating music and children” (waaaait for it.) Corgan announced his new record label recently, so it seems that this Simpson/Corgan project has more than a good chance of actually happening. The couple is kind of a mystery. She of course, has a history of dating famous dudes/douches (um, John Mayer), and seems to like spiritual men. And he has a history of dating, um, Courtney Love (pre flower-tattoo bedazzlement), so we know they are both comfortable with their questionable judgment. Yet, when it comes to music, Corgan was quite good, and she was, well, a lifestyle brand.

How their sounds will mix, who knows, but how they mix, genetically, is something of great concern.

West Coast Sound refuses to go on “bumpwatch,” but instead we look to the future. After the jump, witness our prediction of a Simpson-Corgan Spawn.

Billessica Simpgan

Billessica Simpgan

The first attempt, via Maury's Baby Maker, yielded, how should we say, far more questionable results:

...only a mother could love.

…only a mother could love.

And just for the halibut, here's Billy.

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