Do you ever ask yourself, does cash rule everything around me? Well, if your name appears on the venerable Top Earner list in Forbes magazine, chances are your life is ruled by dollah dollah billz y'all. This week Forbes magazine released their list of Top-Earning Musicians for 2010, and some familiar names made the list, along with a couple surprises. Lady Gaga lands on the list at $62 million, just behind Britney Spears at $64 million, and U2 tops the list at $130 million. The band earned as much as GDP of the island nation of Kiribati (to whom we say, kam na mauri), but the biggest surprise was the second place winner: AC/DC. The aged-but-still-awesome rockers earned $114 million last year, earning huge cash for every time “Back in Black” plays in a stadium, or whenever a AC/DC baby shirt sells at Target. Not bad for a band who was once vilified during the culture wars of the 1980's (this documentary will tell you all about it) Of course, no one earned more than the first couple of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who in total earned a staggering $150 million ($87 and $63 million respectively).


After the jump read the entire list and watch Forbes' highly enlightening interview with Lil Jon.

The list:

1. U2 – $130 million

2. AC/DC – $114 million

3. Beyoncé – $87 million

4. Bruce Springsteen – $70 million

5. Britney Spears – $64 million

6. Jay-Z – $63 million

7. Lady Gaga – $62 million

8. Madonna – $58 million

9. Kenny Chesney – $50 million

10. Black Eyed Peas (Tie) – $48 million

10. Coldplay (Tie) -$48 million

10. Toby Keith (Tie) – $48 million

And here's some more about AC/DC

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