It's hard to be tough on a guy who means so well. After crying his way to school lunch reform in West Virginia and Los Angeles, Jamie Oliver now invites us to Great Britain as part of the country's new “You're invited” tourism campaign . In the wake of newspaper scandals and city-wide rioting, it's a pretty noble cause.

But take a look at this video and tell us what you think:

For a country as diverse and historied as he rightfully says, could Oliver be any less specific? Try playing this game: replay the video and now, every time he mentions Britain, replace it with the name of a country of your choice. “Japan is a country with so many different sides.” “China is steeped in loads of tradition.” “But the best thing about America is we're a magpie culture… It's so multicultural out there.” Ta-dah! All editors need to do is switch out the video footage and they've got themselves a brand new tourism video.

Dame Judi Dench goes the opposite route, giving a very specific and personal account of Hever Castle and how it represents Great Britian as a whole. Couldn't Oliver have actually mentioned that The Fat Duck is making some of the most exciting food on the planet? Or maybe mentioned his favorite beachside town? That restaurants like The Sportsman celebrate England and local produce like nowhere else on the planet? We can only dream.

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