High doses of CBD may be more effective for some people, but is it OK to take high doses? What can you expect from a CBD regimen with a higher amount of CBD?

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What Makes a High Dose of CBD?

CBD comes in many strengths, which is labeled by the amount of CBD in the bottle. When it comes to dosages, however, the amount of CBD in the bottle isn’t the most important number to know – it’s the amount, in milligrams, of CBD per serving that you take which makes it a low, medium, or high dose.

For example, you may begin your CBD journey by using a product labeled 1500 mg. This means that there are 1500 mg of CBD in the bottle and 50 mg of CBD + 2 mg THC per one full serving that you take. You may start out on less than a full serving and work your way up to a full serving over the course of a few weeks.

When you start getting into 200 mg of CBD + 4 mg of THC per serving, then you are taking high doses of these cannabinoids.

Is It Safe to Take High Doses of CBD + THC?

CBD and THC are two very different cannabinoids. One, the THC, has intoxicating effects, so the amount of THC in your CBD products is regulated by federal law to be no more than 0.3% by dry weight. CBD does not have these same restrictions. If you use your high strength CBD as it is directed, then you can reap some pretty powerful benefits for your health and wellness.

But is it safe to take high levels of CBD and THC? Yes, CBD is safe for most people even at these higher levels. THC should be safe at these levels but if you are particularly sensitive to its effects you may experience more notable sleepiness or even edginess. THC does affect everyone a little differently. Having said this, the amount of THC, even in high dose CBD products, is very low compared to marijuana-based products which may have inconsistent and quite high levels of THC. This consistency helps you to have more control over the milligrams you are taking each day.

The main medical issue that might come up is that cannabis products can interfere with the actions of other medications. So be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any CBD regimen.

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Why Take High Doses of CBD + THC?

There are several reasons. For one, if you’ve been on CBD and THC for a while and find yourself doubling up on doses to get the support you need, it may be far more simple to switch over to a high-strength CBD and take a regular dose. This means your dose is more powerful and lasting, providing the ongoing relief and support your body needs.

Secondly, your needs for the support of CBD + THC may be higher than other people’s. For reasons we don’t fully understand, some people are more endocannabinoid-deficient than other people. For these folks, a higher dose is more effective.

Thirdly, if you have a higher metabolism, hit the gym often, or have higher than normal stress levels, it may mean you’ll need higher levels of CBD + THC to get the support that you need. Regular doses may metabolize too quickly for you or you simply need more support overall.

Higher doses means you get more CBD + THC into your system each morning and night, which may last a little longer for you and keep an abundant supply of cannabinoids ready to work in your endocannabinoid system, the system in your body which processes cannabinoids like CBD and THC derived from cannabis plants.

Switching to High Dose CBD

If you’re already on CBD and feel you need more support, you can raise the amount of CBD you are taking in your regular formula. When you begin consistently taking more than a regular dose, switch to the next higher CBD strength. Begin with the dose that’s equal to the milligrams per serving you are currently taking. Then, work your way up to a regular full dose of the new strength product.

Using CBD products as stairsteps, you can work your way up to the high levels of CBD and THC. The trick is to analyze how each level works for you and when you begin to feel the benefits kicking in for you, then you will know you are taking the right amount for your body.

For some people, this means high strength CBD. Fortunately, now that we have 6000 mg CBD + THC with a whopping 200 mg CBD and 4 mg THC per dose, there are high dose options available for those that need this higher level of support. Plus, switching over to the stronger products may mean you can save a little money on your monthly CBD supply! Feel better, save more = win win!

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