Just a few days ago, the iPad descended into the media consciousness like the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It showed up, a few simians, ahem, journalists, cautiously gathered around, poked at it, and tried to get a read on what this thing actually did. Now, as iPads have landed into the hands of much more evolved citizens (read: musicians), the true nature of the device has become apparent: It's an instrument.

Tijuana-based electronic musician Pepe Mogt, aka Fussible from the outstanding Nortec Collective (and his Latinsizer project) has gotten his hands on an iPad with the Electribe app, and the results are more than promising.

Mogt is no stranger to cutting edge electronics, (a few years back he gave me a demo of his synth gizmodgery and his iPad precursor, the Tenori-on, in his Tijuana home), and his simple vision of iPad's musical capabilities opens the door to new possibilities for musicians everywhere.

Since we have zero flux capacitors and not even one Delorean here at West Coast Sound Headquarters (we drive Trabants), we've dusted off our imaginations and came up with a list of past and present musicians who could make an iPad interesting.

Listen to Fussible's iPad experiment and our five musicians who need an iPad after the jump.

Aphex Twin:

Otto Von Schirach

John Cage:

Nobukazu Takemura:


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