Yeah, it's that time again. Hollywood is all closed up, and hundred of movie fans have begun to line up outside the Kodak Theater, hoping to catch a glimpse of somebody, anybody. I wore a gown and waited for a half hour for Mr. Cobrasnake to accompany me on my mission. But he was a no show. (See, that's how good that IFC party was last night. He is no doubt still sleeping in his Adidas). I changed out of the gown, and ran over to Hollywood and Highland.

I played Joan Rivers asking line waiters the big question, “And who are you wearing?” This guy below was may favorite. He told me he dressed in orange because he wanted Jody Foster to be able to see him. “I sent her nine packages,” he told me “and she has never written me back once.”

Orit's outfit below is an international ensemble. Vest from London, shoes from Israel. Her son Tom wants to see Hilary Duff, and Sean hopes to see Kelly Clarkson. My parents would have sooner buried me in the backyard before they took me to hang out in a long line so that I could catch a glimpse of Kirk Cameron. These kids are lucky.

Apparently American Eagle and Express is all the rage for watching the red carpet this year. All of these chicks are dressed head to toe in them…

These girls too… When asked who they hope to see, they said, “we don't care. anyone really…”

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