How Wellness Pioneer Melaleuca Set the Tone for a Movement

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“Wellness” has become a very popular word lately, and there’s a good reason for that. With increasing awareness of the challenges people confront throughout their lives, whether on their own, as a family, or even as a society, there’s a lot of discussion happening around what makes a person “well” and how to achieve that. One global organization, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, arrived at this conversation a long time ago, and this focus has seen them producing wellness-focused products, pursuing high manufacturing standards, and contributing to the public good for decades.

Achieving a Global Wellness Initiative: The Melaleuca Story

Today, Melaleuca is one of the largest online wellness retailers in North America and has the singular claim to being the largest manufacturer of consumer packaged goods in the Northwest, but achieving this took time and effort. Since its founding in 1985, CEO and Executive Chairman Frank VanderSloot has guided Melaleuca to become one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. It not-so-gradually became a global enterprise providing quality wellness products to families in more than twenty countries and territories worldwide.

Quality Wellness Products Inspired by Smart Ingredients

Melaleuca’s product catalog includes wellness products focused on nutrition–with products focused on athletics, supplements, and specialty goods–as well as FDA-approved OTC pharmaceuticals, all painstakingly refined through careful scientific trials and clinical proofs. Other standout products include the EcoSense brand of cleaning products–all crafted with plant-derived ingredients and free of dangerous chemicals–the Sei Bella brand of wellness-inspired beauty products, and an industry-defining line of Pure essential oils.

These products are all inspired by Melaleuca’s nature-inspired ingredient philosophy, which props up innovative scientific research to identify the best and most beneficial natural ingredients and amplify their effectiveness.

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Wellness is Bigger than Profit: Environmentalism and Charitable Giving

Being inspired by nature is about more than making natural products; it means being a champion of the environment and running an eco-friendly business. Not only are Melaleuca’s products natural, but their production and supply chain create less waste, use less energy, and leave the air cleaner than competitors.

Melaleuca doesn’t overlook that humans are a part of nature, too, and through the Melaleuca Foundation–first created in 2001 to provide aid following the September 11th attacks–they have donated more than $800,000 in aid to victims of natural disasters of all kinds, including storms, wildfires, and floods. Already in 2024, the Melaleuca Foundation has touched the lives of San Diego flood victims, as well as providing for good-insecure families in Idaho.

Keeping Wellness as the Priority

“Wellness” may be trending now, but the gold standard was set decades ago by Melaleuca, and they’ve been a leading force in the movement all along. They’re still at the front of global wellness efforts, where they’re certain to remain, thanks to foundations built on natural, eco-friendly, health-focused products and charitable giving. This is the kind of company that takes inspiration from the people and the causes that benefit the most from its products and goes well beyond simply providing for their needs.

Living up to its name, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company continues to find new ways to promote the wellness of everyone it can reach, and the global community is better for it.

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