If you’ve ever been dumped and haven’t Googled “how to get over a breakup,” you’re lying to yourself. We’ve all been through that heart-wrenching moment, feeling like we will never be okay and looking for answers. While these tips may not solve all your problems immediately, they will certainly help.

• Let yourself be sad. It’s okay to be miserable at first. Be dramatic. Eat the calories, drink the wine, cry, listen to sad music. Don’t feel bad about not being over it, this takes time.

• MUTE THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA. This step is key. Muting someone on Instagram means they are out of sight, out of mind. Don’t block them, blocking is dramatic (also, they won’t be able to see you looking good, living your best life if they’re blocked). Don’t slip up and check who they’re newly following either. Ignorance is bliss!

• If you want to send a big dramatic, depressing, angry paragraph to your ex: write it in your notes app. Do not type it as a text and do not press send. Go silent – it’s more powerful.

• The saying “the only way to get over someone is to get under someone else” is not necessarily true. If you’re not over the breakup, trying to jump immediately into dating will only make every awkward date feel more miserable. You will constantly be comparing strangers to the ex, who you had a whole history with, and it will make you miss them more.

• Stay busy! This is important. Work harder, make more plans with friends, pick up a new hobby, plan trips, read books, listen to podcasts. Do anything to distract your mind and fill up your days. Idle time is the devil, it’s when the mind starts to wander.

• Work on yourself. Create a new fitness goal, find some new makeup routines on YouTube, buy some new clothes, etc. Do anything to make yourself glow up, make you feel more confident and show your ex what they’re missing.

• Change your mindset. Read articles like this, read books by Gabrielle Bernstein, manifest what you want next, write down what you’re grateful for, make lists of goals. Don’t work towards the goal of wanting them back, work towards the goal of living your absolute best life. Everything happens for a reason and you’ll eventually know why this breakup happened.

• Time heals all. It’s not what you want to hear when you’re ready to feel better *immediately* but, it’s the truth. You WILL get over it. You WILL feel better and you will be able to move on, with time.

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