How Kristen Butler Built An Empire of Positivity

preview Kristen by Maria Williams

If you’re into the world of personal development, mindset, and positive thinking, you’re probably no stranger to the name Kristen Butler. Kristen is a pioneer and trailblazer when it comes to mindfulness and positivity. So, what is the writer, blogger, and entrepreneur up to these days? And how did she build such a powerful business around the concept of positivity?

Kristen is on a mission to improve the well-being and lives of people worldwide by providing inspiration and teaching the power of positivity. With a following of more than 50 million across the social platforms of her flagship brand, Power of Positivity, and the sister brand, Positive Energy+, Butler aims to uplift as many people on this planet as possible With her large social media footprint, more than 50,000 copies of her self-published best-selling 3 Minute Positivity Journal selling in just six months, and a new book coming out April 2023, Kristen is on her way to do just that.

So, how did it all begin? How has Kristen built an empire around something as simple as positivity? After hitting rock bottom, Butler completely turned her life around through positive thinking. This is what led to the birth of her brand Power of Positivity in 2009. As someone with a compassionate heart and the inclination to help others, she wanted to share her experience with others so they could also work toward a better life.

Apart from her love for inspirational messages and personal growth, her background in computers, journalism, design, and social media was the perfect recipe for virality. In fact, she has been a social media enthusiast since she was 14 years old, in 1998, becoming one of the top ten influencers on at the time. Driven by a deep desire to impact others, Kristen  began posting inspiration and quotes there on a group named “Bolt Beauties.”

Growing up, Kristen always loved writing and wanted to become an author. She pursued her passion for journalism by getting involved in her high school’s newspaper. Naturally, she pursued a Journalism major in college and worked for the college magazine in the design department.

Her experience is proof that it is possible to transform your entire life. It is possible to turn things around in your favor through the power of positive thinking. It does not matter how hard things are, and it does not matter if everything is falling apart, if you are perceiving everything around you in a negative light, you are only making things worse for yourself. You are only digging that ditch deeper.

All of this could not make her path more obvious. Kristen understood how powerful positive thinking can be and wanted to utilize her skills to share this with others. She also knew that exploration is necessary for any real change. Thus, Power of Positivity is a result of meticulously going through research, studies, expert advice, and inspiration. She was successful in finding a way to encourage and motivate her audience to feel happy by thinking happier thoughts and embracing positivity in their lives.

Today, Power of Positivity explores a plethora of subject matter to help people regardless of what they are struggling with. It includes everything from positivity, inspiration, spirituality, and affirmations to relationships, weight loss, family, and more.

Kristen’s next book, The Comfort Zone, comes out April 18, 2023 with Hay House.

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