Delta 9 THC is the superior THC, but how do you use the Delta 9-specific CBD products? Here’s how to take Delta 9 products for calm, better sleep, and more!

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What Is Delta 9?

Delta 9 is a type of THC that’s the most abundant and well-loved form of THC. Because it’s so easy to extract and use in CBD formulas, it does not require any solvents or harmful chemicals like some other THC forms. Delta 9 is the most well-trusted for good reason – it’s the most natural form of THC.

What Taking Delta 9 THC Means to You

cbdMD has taken the process a step further, creating the cleanest, most potent THC, and used it to create Delta 9-specific CBD products for consumers that know Delta 9’s where to find pure and effective THC support.

cbdMD has also passed its savings on to consumers. As we’ve become more efficient at what we do, those savings pass along to you, the consumer, as they should. We do this so more people can afford to use our products and find that wellness support Delta 9 offers.

Why Delta 9?

Delta 9 THC is slightly more psychogenic than other forms of THC, meaning you’ll experience more calming support and better sleep with Delta 9. So, by including it in CBD formulas, we can offer that extra measure of support right alongside other cannabinoids for a more well-rounded experience.

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Here’s Why You Want to Use Delta 9 THC

Your body has a special system called the endocannabinoid system, which processes CBD and other cannabinoids like THC. CBD products deliver cannabinoids to your body’s cells, systems, and tissues, including your brain, via this system. And there’s good reason why you want to include Delta 9 THC as part of your daily CBD regimen.

Cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC, seem to work better when used in tandem, and with THC as a part of the equation. This synergistic partnership is called the entourage effect. Each cannabinoid boosts and supports the natural wellness perks of the others, meaning you get even more benefits.

And the best THC to use in those full spectrum formulations is the most natural form – Delta 9 THC.

Delta 9 THC has some specific benefits that users love.

  • Delta 9 delivers the most supportive calm you can find in CBD products. It’s the most calming cannabinoid there is!
  • Delta 9 offers more sleep support than CBD products without it. Sleep better, feel better!
  • Delta 9 THC offers more support for users that deal with daily aches and pains. Perhaps it’s all the calming relief and sleep support, but either way, you feel better!

Delta 9 THC products come in several forms, including CBD gummies with 10 mg of Delta 9 per gummy, CBD Microdose capsules with 1 mg of Delta 9, and the new high-potency cbdMD MAX for Pain, with an additional 4 mg of THC per serving. This gives you a variety of Delta 9 THC options to help you find that THC sweet-spot which best serves your needs and provides relief.

How Do You Take Delta 9?

Taking Delta 9 THC is easy. If you’re brand-new to using CBD products, start slow and increase by small increments, every few weeks, until you find the strength and dose that works best for you.

If you’re not new to taking Delta 9, then it’s as simple as taking a look at the milligrams of THC per serving and choosing the product that’s right for you.

Tinctures & Softgels

If you’re already taking a CBD tincture or CBD softgel, check that it’s full spectrum. cbdMD uses a little Delta 9 THC in all its full spectrum formulations.


Delta 9 CBD gummies allow you to supplement your regular CBD regimen with added Delta 9 support. You can take them regularly or on an as-needed basis, with or without other CBD products.

The Delta 9 gummies contain a whopping 10 mg of THC so when you try them for the first time, take a partial gummy and try them out at home where you can safely assess how they make you feel. In other words, try them out at home rather than behind the wheel, just in case they make you sleepy.


CBD Delta 9 Microdose capsules provide a good boost of THC before and after workouts, which makes them a popular choice for athletes. But there are myriad ways to use these 1 mg Delta 9 THC capsules to your advantage. These give you that highly customizable approach to your daily CBD wellness care.

With several Delta 9 THC product options available, and with differing THC content, it’s now easier than ever to customize your CBD + THC experience – empowered by the superior THC, Delta 9!

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