If you're one of the more than 3 million or so proud owners of the new iPad, you also are the proud new owners of a coffee warmer. All you need to do is visit the HotPad website and hit Run; the site then will run a script to purposely overclock your iPad's processor and make the tablet nice and toasty. Place your cup of coffee on the virtual heat coils, and your coffee will stay warm for hours and hours. Well, until you need to use your iPad, anyway.

The site is actually a bit of a joke, set up by Primary Coffee Company to turn apples into applesauce after reports that Apple's newest generation of iPads have a problematic overheating problem. If you do take HotPad seriously, rest assured that the site will not “break, melt or otherwise destroy your iPad.” Unless, of course, you spill the coffee on it, in which case the liability is all yours.

Meanwhile, Apple insists that iPads run “well within our thermal specifications.” And a Wired investigation into the heat issue pushed the iPad to 108 degrees Fahrenheit after 45 minutes of intense gaming. While the iPad wasn't as hot as their cup of coffee (121 degres Fahrenheit), it probably was just enough to keep the mug warm.

LA Weekly