intimates steamy sex; true to that innuendo, this pair of monologues explores two contemporary women’s perspectives on romance and erotica. Sardonic in tone, writer-performer Juliette Jeffers’ Looking 4 a Chocolate details one gal’s rocky excursion into Internet dating. Her pursuit of Mr. Right involves meetings with losers, lotharios and married men on the prowl (not vastly different from searching for love the traditional way). While not highly original, the piece does have funny moments, many engendered by Jeffers’ pronounced gift for mimicry in portraying an array of suitors. Her style of delivery sometimes spills over into standup comedy (perhaps because the night I was there, she played to an empathetic and responsive audience), but I had the sense that neither the material nor the performance, while on track, had reached the station yet. Far more fluid and polished, Vanessa Williams’ Feet on the Ceiling is a spoken-word poem that recounts the sexual awakening of an eager 15-year-old from Brooklyn — then catapults its wide-eyed narrator forward several years to her initial experience of unorthodox sex and her first orgasm under the tutelage of an accomplished lover. Delivered with a lithe and graceful physicality, Williams’ narrative transcends its story’s particulars to zone in on what is for so many women a revelatory rite of passage. Denise Dowse directs
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