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From James Buchanan’s Cheating Chance
Oh God, Nick couldn’t believe he was about to do this, give in like this. … He couldn’t believe how much he wanted it. It was exciting and revolting at the same time.

“On the floor,” Jake hissed just behind his ear, “On your knees for me.”

He slid off the couch. “Yes, Jake.” Never master, never sir … Jake wanted his name to be what caused fear and respect.

“Take off your clothes.” There would be no foreplay, no passionate kisses, no excited touches, only obedience. …

Nick was in ecstasy. … Rough stucco ground into Nick’s knee as he was impaled. The pain from his scalp and his knee drove his senses higher. His mouth was open, his breathing ragged as he stared out at the night. … He couldn’t believe how much he wanted Brandon. His blood was boiling over. His balls throbbed, he couldn’t last much longer. The skin of his thighs danced. Every nerve was frozen over.

From Stephanie Vaughan’s Off World
Dazzled by the marvelous face before him, Cal stood open-mouthed and gaping for several moments. He’d always had a particular weakness for dark hair and eyes, especially when matched by an equally dusky complexion, but this man was … Cal’s brain began to catalog the parade of words rolling through his head … magnificentbeautiful … he closed his mouth with an effort, an embarrassed flush heating his cheeks, but he’d never seen a more perfectly gorgeous man in his life. …

An involuntary whimper rose at the back of his throat as Cal got a look at muscular pecs and cobbled belly. Formidable thighs tapered down to broad calves and feet, but it was the geography that lay between that drew Cal’s gaze like an irresistible tractor-beam. Hands full of soapy bubbles that glowed faintly blue in the darkened room, Sarhaan handled himself — ebony cock fully erect in one hand, heavy dark balls in the other as he alternately stroked and squeezed.

From Heaven Sent by Jet Mykles
One of Johnnie’s hands lifted. Long fingers cupped his chin and tipped his head to expose more of his neck. Johnnie kissed and nibbled, trailing up the long muscle at the side of Tyler’s neck until he could nuzzle Tyler’s ear. “Tasty.”

“Y-your food will get cold.”

Johnnie backed away from the cart, pulling Tyler with him. “I ordered salads. They’re already cold.”

Tyler closed his eyes helplessly as they backed away.

Johnnie spun him around. … He turned his head slightly side to side, rubbing the tips of their noses together in a soft Eskimo kiss. “I’ll have you begging for more, I promise. …”

This was it. He could probably still leave. Johnnie might let him go. He could change his mind and leave the possibilities behind.

Or he could surrender and most likely have the most passionate experiences of his life.

He chose surrender.

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