Oh, Depeche Mode, how could you? Are times so tough that you're letting the Duffster karaoke a version of your iconic “Personal Jesus”? This reminds me of the time Tatu covered “How Soon Is Now,” which okay, fine, yes I rather enjoyed. The Duff told MTV she was 2 years old when the song came out. As OMG! notes, the Duff looks great in the video. Sleek blonde hair, svelte figure, blood red lips. But further deconstruction of her look in this video reveals not a whole lot new (except maybe the up-and-coming rapper/Duff-accessory called The Prophet who appears for 20 seconds). But then again, the fact that there's nothing new is itself nothing new. 
But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Duff has produced a bona fide work of art, a critique of the work her forebears have given the world, a continuation of the ongoing pop-cultural musical dialogue. Judge for yourself. Here is the video in its entirety.
Here is the original, by Depeche Mode.

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