The day is coming, I'm sure, when toasters finally become sentient. In the meantime, we've been fed a lot of toaster hype. The following toasters are possibly the most frustrating for bread-lovers.

1. Promises, promises. This USB Scan Toaster still has not been made. The prototype (an entry into Electrolux's annual design contest) can burn whatever you want onto your bread (newsprint, pictures, logos, notes). It connects to your computer via USB. Electrolux has yet to mass produce it.

2. Or how about this Transparent Toaster? The glass heats the bread. In theory, anyway. In actuality, the glass didn't get hot enough. Still a concept appliance, this guy has not yet been made either. Sure, there are other transparent toasters out there, but none as sleek and minimally elegant as this one.

3. Hello, Toasty. How about this one? Looks like a cassette deck? Single slice load? Super cute! Not available. So sorry.

4. Or how about the Glide Ceramic Toaster. Yep, another artsy concept design with a perverted name.

5. This one's called the Rollertoaster. Clever? Whatever! It was designed in 2006. This cutie is stuck in development hell as well. Far as I can tell, the Rollertoaster never made it to market either.

To see toasters that have been made, visit The Cyber Toaster Museum. The physical Cyber Toaster Museum is located in Dearborn at the Henry Ford Museum. Road trip anyone?

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