At Tuesday night's one a.m. performance by Hecuba at Wildness, the tranny bar/art kid/cum performance night hosted at Koreatown's Silverplatter, the place was bursting. Cumbia, techno, 80s new wave blasted from the sound system, sweaty art kids pressed and bounced and grinded against each other as the LA band set up along the bar.

Persistent 'technical difficulties' kept pushing the performance back later and later until finally the duo decided to proceed, sound problems and all. Having seen them before and thoroughly loving them, I was a little disappointed, not because they weren't great

(they were really, really great, and threw themselves into the performance like real troopers- quickly switching mic's back and forth and feverishly turning amp knobs), but because I know what they are capable of in a venue with good sound.

They're mesmerizing, harlequin outfit and all. The lack of smooth sailing didn't deter them from turning out a short but intense set, in which they never complained once, and even hooted and howled “Wildness!” at the end.

Hecuba's forthcoming Paradise comes out 'this spring.' It is spring, though. You can hear a couple new tracks at the band's MySpace page.

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