Havok and Toxic Holocaust Thrash Up the Regent: It’s a new school thrash metal party at the Regent, as one of Denver’s finest exports — Havok — join forces Portland’s Toxic Holocaust. Both bands found their feet as the ‘90s were becoming the ‘00s, but in metal terms that’s still “new school.” That said, both pedal in the sort of high energy, uncompromising thrash that was flourishing in the ‘80s. Regardless, it’s gonna be wild.

This writer spoke to Havok in 2017, when frontman David Sanchez said, “Our musical tastes have become more eclectic, and we’re way more experienced as far as touring and how the business works. As far as the early material goes, I think for the time it was cool, but there’s definitely a lot more maturity in our sound and presentation nowadays.”

“A lot of people are associating us with Colorado, which is awesome, because I’m from there and I think we have a really cool scene,” he continued.” I’m more than happy to fly the flag high. Not a lot of bands make it out of there. There was a band back in the day called Brainhammer that I really loved. They didn’t really tour or get out so much. A bunch of the guys moved to different cities and stuff, so they are no more.”

Havok and Toxic Holocaust Thrash Up the Regent: The event takes place at 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 15 at the Regent Theater.

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