Los Angeles is a social media capital (Beverly Hills is home to MySpace headquarters) and epicenter of Hollywood's tweet-crazed narcissists. So we thought we'd take a look at the hottest, social-media-inspired costumes for the quasi-holiday that's tailor-made for L.A.

Ron Callari at InventorSpot has a snarky “Top Ten Social Media Costumes” that includes a Facebook Page, Aston Kutcher (“king of all social media”), the Twitter Fail Whale and, of course, Balloon Boy.

“Whether or not Falcon Heene truly scared his parents when his father's

helium contraption took flight or whether it was a real-time reality

show publicity stunt,” Callari writes, “it will sure make for a great


piece, when you float around the neighborhood in your own balloon.”

We're surprised that Tila Tequila — bruises or not — didn't make the list. She's a Twitter and MySpace fiend. And what about Facebook Strange Friend-Request Guy (number of mutual friends 0 — ignore)?. The late Gourmet magazine, with Xs for eyes, might be a stretch of a costume. But we know someone will be dressed as … swine flu. Too soon?

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