Gybsy Is Revolutionizing the Guest and Fan Experience

The emergence of Web3.0 has led to the birth of a new era in commerce. As more and more consumers adopt blockchain-based technologies, they will become accustomed to not only buying products with crypto but also expecting higher levels of customer service, personalization, and brand transparency. Gybsy is one such company that seeks to position itself as a pioneer in this space by empowering venues and performers with access to a Web3 commerce platform that offers ticketing functionality, seamlessly creating event tickets and access passes minted as NFTs. For many years, the experience of attending an event has been largely unchanged. As a result, the process of purchasing tickets and accessing content has remained archaic and inefficient. That’s what Gybsy seeks to change.

Gybsy is a Web3.0 Commerce Platform allowing venues, promoters, and performers to transform the fan experience by creating and selling NFTs.  For any brand or business, the experience they offer customers is key to driving customer loyalty and revenue. Gybsy provides a Web3.0 commerce engine that provides users the ability to sell Web3.0 products in a traditional e-commerce (Web2.0) manner. As the commerce landscape continues to change, Gybsy believes more and more content creators will embrace this nascent technology. The team’s mission is to help novices as well as seasoned experts in the NFT space leverage the growing demand and efficiently monetize their creations.

In the past few months, we have seen exponential growth in consumer adoption in the NFT space until May 2022 when stock and crypto market conditions started to drop, resulting in temporary losses for investors. Despite this setback, the Gybsy team believes NFTs are here to stay. As Web3 continues to proliferate in terms of use cases and consumer adoption, brands must have access to a Web3 commerce platform that positions them to compete and thrive in a competitive market. That’s what Gybsy is offering. According to its website, Gybsy’s mission is to elevate live events and “place power and profits back in the hands of the value creators”. Venues and performers on the platform can leverage Gybsy’s proprietary tools to seamlessly create, distribute, track, and verify event tickets, which will attract consumers who want to engage in frictionless transactions.

This efficient blockchain-based solution will not only promote consumer loyalty. It will also greatly benefit content creators. Venues, promoters, and performers can leverage Gybsy’s smart contract technology to set, control, and earn commissions from the secondary ticket sales as well as residual royalties on all NFT sales in perpetuity. That means that royalties will automatically be distributed back upon secondary sales. Additionally, Gybsy allows consumers to be verified via KYC information, reducing fraud and promoting trust within the network.

Gybsy invites players in the hospitality industry to “Connect and directly interact with a highly-engaged community of NFT holders to increase fan satisfaction and maximize revenue opportunities at every stage of the customer journey”. Users can leverage Gybsy’s innovative platform to promote in-event engagement, grant exclusive access to events, and give post-event discounts, perks and giveaways, and loyalty rewards. By utilizing blockchain technology to disrupt the current ticketing market, Gybsy is helping hospitality leaders reimagine how to connect with their guests.

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