Tessa Stuart

Obama will stay at the Beverly Hills Hilton; Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When and Where to Avoid Obama

Bad news, residents of Beverly Hills and Century City--he's baaaack. Seems like just yesterday President Obama was in town to charm the pants off (and to tap the deep pockets of) well-positioned Angelenos, and here he comes again with his motorcade and trail of pesky Occupy LA protesters--just in time......
Welcome to the Jungle:  an aerial view of crowd gathered outside the sold-out Guns N' Roses Board of Education meeting.; Credit: @SDivall via Twitter

LAUSD Adult Education Safe for Now

LAUSD's Board of Education issued a stay of execution for the district's adult education programs today at a meeting that could almost pass as star-studded. The event was so crowded that hundreds were barred from entering; they waited outside chanting "Save our Schools." Those who did make it inside to......
Rich district

LAUSD Might Eliminate Adult Ed Today

When it came time to make cuts for the 2012-13 LAUSD budget, Superintendent John Deasy passed on the scalpel, opting for a chainsaw to hack away at a $557 million deficit. LAUSD's youngest and oldest students are targeted in the wide-ranging cuts that aim to protect the most vital organs:......