Ron Athey

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Body Language

Photo by Gregg Segal"All hail, Macbeth! That shalt be king hereafter!" cry the three upside-down witches, hanging naked by ankle straps. Uncurling, they flap their arms, bent and rigid like prehistoric buzzard wings. In unison all three contract back up to their feet, then fall slack except for their bellies,......

The Godfather

Spending three hours on a Friday morning at the hillside home of cult-film legend Udo Kier, we talked movies, gardening and art. Additionally, I was given a tour of Kier's art and photo collection, which includes work by Jim Dine and Greg Gorman and, to no surprise, a Warhol Indian......
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Rozz Williams, 1963-1998

Though it would make it easier for me, I won’t try to glamorize his death into an art statement. Rozz Williams hanged himself in his West Hollywood apartment on April Fools’ Day. Best known as the founder and front man of seminal goth band Christian Death, Williams played and recorded......
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