Gowri Chandra

The colorful decadence of lobster arancini; Credit: Gowri Chandra

Restaurant 1212 Brings Adventurous Fare to Third Street Promenade

When an exciting new restaurant opens in Los Angeles, L.A. Weekly heads in for a First Look, a short review based on a single visit.  If you're hungry for more, see our starred restaurant reviews.  There's a new restaurant on Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade that's centrifuging balsamic vinegar for......
Pomegranate bake shop; Credit: Photo by Gowri Chandra

Can Desserts Without Wheat or Dairy Still Taste Like Dessert?

Got a gluten allergy? An aversion to meat? Or maybe you've got an intolerance for dairy.  Whatever your dietary restrictions, L.A. is a pretty accommodating place to dine. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals even ranked us the second most vegan-friendly city in the nation this year.  But while......
Langar meal at  Vermont Gurdwara; Credit: Gowri Chandra

Los Feliz's Sikh Temple Offers a Taste of Community, at No Cost

Every morning, inside the marbled halls of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, 1.5 tons of lentils are simmered, stewed and spiced to feed its 100,000 daily visitors. Pilgrims and tourists alike find nourishment within the world’s largest communal kitchen — and it’s all free, embodying Sikh ideals of community......