Since the LA Weekly broke the news in late August that a serial killer is operating in South Los Angeles a lot of things have transpired.

Last week, Los Angeles Police Department detectives held a press conference asking for the public’s help in finding the serial killer believed to be responsible for at least 11 murders over a 23-year span. DNA and ballistics matching have linked the killer, dubbed the Grim Sleeper by the LA Weekly because he took a 13-year break before bizarrely resuming his slayings, to 10 women and one man killed almost exclusively along a section of Western Avenue.

The week before, the Los Angeles City Council voted to reward $200,000 to any person who supplies information leading to his arrest and conviction. In addition, the council approved a record-high $500,000 if the clues lead to more than one conviction, such as with an accomplice.

The LA Weekly even got grief about our choice to name L.A.'s elusive serial killer the Grim Sleeper. Comedian Patton Oswalt, who was guest hosting on Indie 103.1's “Jonesy's Jukebox,” ridiculed the name Grim Sleeper, saying it was the dumbest, least-creepy name for a serial killer.

Just recently, the LA Weekly discovered that a website about the Grim Sleeper has popped up. The website is pretty rudimentary but it does give background information, a list of the Grim Sleeper’s victims, and a map showing the locations where the bodies were found. There is also the token shadowy glowing eyed Draculaesque figure in a cape pointing a gun.

What’s next a Grim Sleeper board game?

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