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The Los Angeles County District Attorney released the search warrant in the case of the Grim Sleeper. The 23-page search warrant detailed the 11 alleged murders dating back to 1985 committed by 57-year-old Lonnie David Franklin Jr.

The warrant also portrayed Franklin, a former army officer, as a lifetime crook with a constant history of run-ins with the law. In 1969, Franklin was arrested twice for grand theft auto. The following year, he was arrested for burglary from a motor vehicle. In 1980, he was arrested by the Vernon Police Department for grand theft of property.

The following year, he became a garage attendant at the Los Angeles Police Department. In July of 1982, he became a truck operator with the Department of Sanitation. While working as a truck operator, he was arrested for carrying a loaded firearm by the Los Angeles County Sheriff in 1984 and for stealing a car in 1989.

He retired on disability in February of 1989. That June, Los Angeles Police Department vice officers arrested Franklin for possession of burglary tools. He was arrested again, in 1991, by LAPD's 77th Division for assault with a deadly weapon.

In February of 1993, he was arrested by the LAPD's 77th Division for grand theft, plead guilty and sentenced to 365 days jail and 36 months probation.

Records show he worked as a mechanic at a location at 9157 South Western Avenue in July of 1997. That same month, he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. He retired that September.

On September, 20, 1997, Franklin reported to the LAPD 77th Division that he and his daughter Crystal were the victims of a “brandishing” where two men drove a car into his driveway on 81st Street and yelled, “187” and pulled a gun.

In September of 1998, he became a trash truck driver with the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation. He was arrested on a warrant later that month. In January of 1999, he was arrested for robbery and sentenced to 36 months summary probation. In December of 2002, he was arrested by the California Highway Patrol for vehicle theft. He was convicted and sentenced to three years formal probation.

In June of 2009, Franklin stopped by 77th patrol driving a 1994 Ford Focus and cited for a vehicle violation. He was stopped again in August.

Franklin was arrested last week and charged with the murders of Debra Jackson, Henrietta Wright, Mary Lowe, Barbara Ware, Bernita Sparks, Lachrica Jefferson, Monique Alexander, Princess Berthomieux, Valerie McCorvey and Janecia Peters. The victims bodies were found in dumpsters along Western Avenue in South Los Angeles.

He is also charged with the attempted murder of Enietra Washington.

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