Grabbitz is a Hero: Singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Grabbitz got interested in electronic music through his XBOX.

Oddly enough, I learned the early ideas of producing from an XBOX game called MTV Music Generator,” he says. “I was producing beats and songs for years before falling in love with dance/bass music, that’s when DJing came in. I was able to make it a career when I was around 20 and released my debut on Monstercat. Full circle moment.”

He says that his sound today is hard to describe.

“Lately I have been saying it’s like a new electronic alternative bass rock,” he says. “I’m all over the genre spectrum so it’s tough to pinpoint and usually varies by song.”

Grabbitz believes that this is a great time for electronic music.

Electronic music has effectively seeped into almost every other genre, influencing it from one way or another,” he says. “And the scene itself seems healthy. There is a lot of cool stuff happening in bass music, and also artists like myself trying to nestle up against genre boundaries and use their voices.”

His latest release is “Hero.”

The song was originally called ‘1,000,000 COMING RIGHT AT YOU’ It’s supposed to feel like a swarm, or an initiation into the album,” he says. “If you can handle the war-torn Hero, you can handle them all. Again, this album is very inspired by cinema, and I seem to thrive in the melodramatic. So expect a rollercoaster of emotions from torn-wide-open to a moment of healing.”

Looking ahead, Grabbitz has a lot planned for the second half of 2023.

I’m debuting a new live show experience in some select cities that I’m really excited about,” he says. “It’s like a rock/bass music set with more live performance elements, live vocals, and intimate moments. I’ve been preparing for this move for a long time. That paired with the release of ‘Let Them Only See Butterflies,’ and this year will be sure to keep me busy.

Grabbitz is a Hero: Grabbitz’s “Hero” is out on June 30.








































































































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