Ok, so I guess I'm supposed to comment on who wore what, if they looked good or not, yada yada… since this is a style blog. But I was so pissed off all week that my inbox was being violated with emails from publicists who thought I gave a shit that Gabrielle Union selected a Jay Godfrey gown. Who the hell is Gabrielle Union? It started with the Golden Globes suites, also known as the place where they give out free shit to actors who have plenty of money to buy their own shit. Personally, I'd be embarassed. Emails announced Kevin Dillon, Terrence Howard and Richard Lewis made good with the goods. I kept picturing a scene from last season's Sopranos, where Christopha' goes to LA, makes it to the gifting suite with Sir Ben Kingsley and winds up robbing a gift basket from Lauren Becall. If only…

Do you care that Sienna Miller “loaded up” on L'Oreal mascara? or about this tidbit:

And it was a family affair when Patricia and Rosanna Arquette both popped in to the Ladies Lounge on multiple occasions for touchups by L'Oreal Paris' top makeup artists. The sisters got their pouty lips glossed while brother David Arquette averted a fashion emergency by sending in one of the girls to pick up Fashion Tape to fix a tuxedo faux pas.

Me neither. It put me off. But now I must talk clothes because People magazine can't have the final word. I looked through the magazine's selection of Best and Worst dressed. Dear god, there should be a few out of work stylists out there today. There were so many bad dresses my eyes hurt.

Jennifer Lopez: She looks like she pulled a Scarlet O'Hara and wore the drapes.

Cate Blanchet: Notes on a Fashion Scandal. She looks like a virgin touched for the very first time. Where's the boy toy belt?

Patricia Arquette: should have worried less about the lipgloss. were do you even find a dress like this?

Beyonce: Jay-Z-sus! Girl, I really didn't know you could get down like that. This isn't the Grammys child. But you did bring new meaning to “Golden Globes.”

Hillary Swank: Clearly, she was regifted.

America Ferrera: God Bless America, and I know you all are going to hate me for saying this but…this dress is Ugly Betty. blech! Come on now! Who did this?! Is she a 50 year old mother of the bride?! It's frumpy and old. You get a chance to take off the glasses and the braces and this? This is what you came up with? She's a pretty girl, but this dress is horrid.

Photos: People.com

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