Whatever happened to Giant Drag? Remember all the hype surrounding Hearts & Unicorns? LA Weekly even wrote a COVER STORY on them back in the day (this article is full of hilarious Silver Lake gentrification talk and Myspace references, btw). Now the duo of Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese are back with the new Swan Song EP, which will drop on February 16th. A lot of things have changed in the last half decade, but Giant Drag's grungy crunch has remained the same. Remember 2005? Back then, Barack Obama was just the name of a Irish pub. Back in 2005, only Lindsay Lohan needed bailing out. Back in 2005, Vincent Gallo's living room was the only place teabaggers congregated.*

Um, is this thing on? Anyone?

* jokes courtesy of Jay Leno

Watch Giant Drag's Annie Hardy barf jello and talk to the internet, and one more Vincent Gallo “joke” after the jump:

Witness the video for “Stuff to Live For,” which, I imagine, takes place at Vincent Gallo's house.

Here they are from a live Ustream concert last year. Their faces are blurred out like an episode of cops, but I think you get the idea.

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