Getting Engaged? Meet Ring Come True, a Top Engagement Ring Brand Offering Affordable Engagements

Toronto-based, direct-to-consumer jewelry brand, Ring Come True, is turning heads with an exciting new take on affordable luxury, providing an ethical diamond alternative to diamond engagement rings and jewelry. With Ring Come True’s concierge design service, in-person, virtually, and online, the brand helps you custom-design your dream engagement ring and jewelry at a fraction of the cost of mined diamond jewelry.

Ring Come True is your online private jeweler, with a mission to educate and empower consumers on the benefits of choosing a diamond alternative for your next forever piece, so we can all enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank. Ring Come True was built to be accessible to everyone and is the future of what high-end lux jewelry looks like.

You also may have recently seen Ring Come True’s beautifully designed 4-carat emerald cut Moissanite solitaire engagement ring, on Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay who married Brock Davies on August 23rd, 2022

Photo: @scheana + @themorgantaylor

A Cruelty-Free, Ethical Ring

Ring Come True offers the most luxurious diamond alternative engagement rings and jewelry on the market today with a large assortment of lab grown diamond and moissanite engagement rings and jewelry that can be fully customized to meet your needs.

The brand helps consumers who are actively looking for diamond alternatives bridge the gap to a product that provides lifelong durability, shine, and wear, without the environmental impact or price tag of a mined diamond.

Ring Come True’s trusted concierge design team is always there to help make your dreams come true. You can build your dream ring with their trusted and qualified team who can meet with you in-person or virtually or design your dream ring at where their custom ring and jewelry builder will bring your dream ring to life.

The market is changing,  nearly 70% of millennials are looking to buy a lab grown diamond alternative. Offering products that are engineered to be as long lasting as a natural mined diamond would be, Ring Come True offers the option of an affordable engagement for the everyday consumer with their lab grown diamond alternative designs. All products are 100% ethical made from stones that are made, not mined, and fully recycled gold. No blood diamonds or earth mining is needed to create their dazzling products. Every order is handmade in Canada by their in-house manufacturing team, and every piece is made with the greatest attention to detail, love and care.

Ring Come True also offers free consultations and fast delivery to ensure clients find the best jewelry piece as quickly as possible. All deliveries require a signature, ensuring that you get your package directly and safely.

A few fun things to know about Lab Grown Diamond Alternatives

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are identical to their natural counterparts in every way, except they are grown in a lab from a diamond seed instead of pulled from the earth. Diamonds are made up almost entirely of pure carbon. That’s why both lab diamonds and mined diamonds have the exact same physical properties but why lab grown diamonds come at a 30% or more reduction in cost to that of a mined stone.


First discovered in 1893, natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so the stones today are made in a lab and are one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones. These stones are often referred to as ‘Space Diamonds’ after first being discovered in a meteor crater. They are the most brilliant and sparkly gemstones on the market with a greater refractive index or RI then that of a diamond. The RI of moissanite ranges from 2.65 to 2.69, meaning it displays more fire and brilliance than a diamond (with an RI of 2.42) or any other popular gemstone. Moissanite is durable, tough, and extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion. With a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohns scale, moissanite is the second strongest gemstone, meaning that it can only be scratched by a diamond or other moissanite stones.

Ring Come True has shared they will be launching an everyday wear jewelry line in mid-late 2023 that will be a sister brand to Ring Come True. Be sure to stay tuned for more news surrounding this exciting launch and brand.

Ring Come True was founded on the principles of creating an ethical, affordable option for lux jewelry and engagement rings. “With our business, we are redefining and changing the way consumers purchase high-quality, luxury jewelry by offering affordable options. Ring Come True was built to be accessible to everyone and to fuel a new future for high-end jewelry that can and will always come at a fraction of the cost.” – Shir Andrews, Founder, Ring Come True

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