I've been missing in action for a week and you don't wanna know why. It aint glamorous or seedy or anything, but let's just say I've been in a post-NYE slump, both physically and mentally. Writing a year-end recap of Clubland meant I had a break from Nightrangering for a while and all I wanted to do for the past few days was catch up on DVD watching, mag and book reading and some serious couch potato-ing with my dog Marley. No getting dressed up, no putting on makeup (my lips are literally cracked from lip gloss withdrawal), and no cocktails for a whole week!  Talk about diva detox. It was easy though. Take a gander at this shot of me and the hubster a few minutes before the clock struck 12 at the Little Radio NYE warehouse party and I bet you can guess that I overdid it that night, and I wasn't even sipping a Purple Reign! Nope I went for the bubbly, even though I know it makes me feel like pure hell for days after. But I did it, cuz well, cuz I could.The party was actually super-fun (check the Weekly homepage for a review of the festivities that should be posted today). My original plan was to go to the big Giant Village street party but that (along with the much-touted Pamela Anderson hosted bash at Paramount Studios) got canceled due to the day's downpour. Lucky for me,  I actually found out early during the day when a pal who does sound for the Flaming Lips text-messaged a mutual friend who fwded it to me… Gotta love that technology. Thousands were not so lucky.Anyway, it all worked out because the deck dude we were going to see, Z-Trip, ended up at the LR party anyway! He was awesome, and Dave from Little Radio sure knows how to throw a party (though the rumored suprise guests And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, never did leave one… nor did the night's rumored suprise set from The Flaming Lips ever materialize). Oh and Dave, I'm sorry I popped your cork before midnight! Seriously, I hugged him at like 11:55 and pop!!!!! went the bottle of champagne he was holding. I apologized to his wife by the way…. Guess I don't know my own powers.

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