Baby's first words: “You're fired.”

I've seen dogs in Chanel. I've seen cats with diamond collars, but I never thought I'd see this— Baby Toupee. The first ever wig company for infants. I am not shitting you. Styles include, the Donald, The Bob (as in Marley), The Lil Kim and The Samuel L. Jackson.

Press release: “Having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop having fun or do everything by the book,” said Graham Farrar, Proud Parent, Founder & Big Wig, BabyToupee. “At BabyToupee, we don't take ourselves or our products too seriously. In fact, BabyToupees are just the first of many fun products designed to give that special baby a little extra personality and to ensure that parents retain theirs…along with a sense of humor.”

I guess they just want to take the edge off being a parent. Some people are calling it “cruel” or “sick.” I don't think so, but laugh now, when little Gina is later arrested for smoking dope, does jail time, or shows up to Christmas dinner wearing naught but a pastie, that wig might come back to haunt you…

LA Weekly