If you've recently found out that your great-grandmother is a real McCoy — as in the Hatfields feud — as this writer did, and can trace the clan only as far back as 1922, when she and her kin moved out West, you need to get down to the 42nd Annual Genealogy Jamboree, presented by the Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research Library. Sure, there's that leafy little website, but get down to the nitty gritty and “immerse yourself in the process of writing your family history [while taught] by experts in the field with speakers and exhibitors from national and local genealogical societies.” Free events include an introduction to genealogy, informal discussions and a Librarians' Boot Camp. Talks include “Writing Through Grief,” “Eight Weeks of Memoir Writing in Two Hours,” “How to Build Historical Context,” “Elusive Immigrants” and even “Prostitution in the Wild West.” Learn how to use DNA, photography, government resources and public records to paint a picture of your ancestors. With excursions to the SCGS Research Library, the L.A. Family History Library and more.

Fri., June 10; Sat., June 11; Sun., June 12, 2011

LA Weekly