The shattering of stigma is one of the goals of two pioneering female cannabis entrepreneurs who desire to change the image of “weed smoking” and welcome women to explore its many healthful benefits. Garden Society is a female founded, Sonoma County-based cannabis company with a mission of helping educate women on the power of the cannabis plants and its multiple beneficial properties whether it be for stress, relaxation, sleep or joy. Founders Erin Gore and Karl Warner  have created not only a company but a unique brand based upon putting themselves in the shoes of their customers. Having found cannabis through their own personal mental and physical health journeys, Garden Society aims to create a sisterhood of women in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the rigors of their daily life. Residing in the heart of California wine country, Erin and Karl want women to be as comfortable  relaxing with cannabis as they now are with chardonnay, without feeling the need to give themselves personal permission.

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(Courtesy of Garden Society)

Garden Society offers a beautifully packaged lineup of artfully crafted cannabis edibles and rosettes:  chef-inspired, low-dose cannabis confections crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Erin and Karli partner with local farms to source the highest quality, strain-specific cannabis. Sustainability is of utmost importance to the founders.  They have created a core company value system that in part, focuses on the importance of environmental sustainability and using solely biodynamic cannabis. These values ensure that any products sourced are free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Erin and Karli are insistent on full product transparency in order that not only they, but their customers know what’s in their cannabis, which should be just that, cannabis. 

Another important mission for the Garden Society founders is education, the foundational step on the road to stigma removal.  They take a unique approach to helping women learn ranging from educational podcasts and “garden parties”: casual gatherings of girlfriends who come to learn and converse about the benefits of cannabis consumption. 

A recent addition to Garden Society’s offerings are  single servings of their chocolate edible confections. Understanding that there is no one right product for everyone, the new single servings offer an opportunity to “try before you buy” as customers explore and become educated bot in general and with respect to their own bodies. Garden Society’s products are currently available in dispensary locations throughout Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area, including Cookies Melrose, ERBA, Modern Buds, and March and Ash in San Diego. While only available by delivery in Sonoma County at present, plans include expanding delivery service throughout California. I’m a new fan of Garden Society, not only as a women-owned company with outstanding products but of its founders, Erin and Karli, their core mission and philosophy. 

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