Our neighbors to the south are cracking down on a serious scourge: How much underboob can a waitress show? None, if the Garden Grove City Council has its way.

Council members want to amend an existing ordinance to clarify that women cannot expose any part of their breasts below the areola. Now that we've got that covered…

The idea is to prevent the city's popular “lingerie cafés” from turning into gentleman's clubs. (We can't fathom why. These clubs sound like lovely places for gentlemen to wear their monocles, sip expensive Scotch and play a rousing game of pinochle.)

According to Stick A Fork In It:

The ordinance targets “lingerie cafes” — popular spots like Cafe Di Vang 2 and Cafe Miss Cutie where mostly Vietnamese men come for $5 coffee drinks, fruit smoothies and tea with free refills, all poured by scantily clad women (yes, some in just panties and nipple covers). There's no food, no alcohol and contrary to how things may appear, no “extras.” You won't find any “private rooms” and if you wanna tip, you gotta put your dollar bills in the tip jar at the register, not in your server.

LA Weekly