If you've ever taken a dance class in L.A., you're well aware of the scene: obnoxious, anorexic Broadway wannabes who muscle you out of the way so they can show off their fancy footwork in front of all the klutzes who just want to have fun and burn a few calories. Well, all manner of toe-tappers, Virginia reelers, hip-hoppers and countrified cloggers can strut their stuff on July 31, which is National Dance Day, at planned and impromptu events nationwide. However, to avoid being arrested while doing the Peppermint Twist outside the local medical-marijuana dispensary, join pro dancer and instructor Billy Blanks Jr., son of the legendary Tao Bo king, and wife Sharon for their Dance With Me Cardio Fit Dance Party. You'll get four hours of movin' and groovin' to Blanks' cleverly choreographed routines, which combine disco, tap, line-dancing, ballroom, Broadway, Irish, Russian, Latin, hula, African and Bollywood — Jai Ho, anyone? The emphasis is on family fun with raffles, prizes, face painting and magic, so if those Madonna-dancer wannabes show up (and you know they will), pretend you're a Jet and challenge them to a West Side Story-style dance-off — with attitude.

Sat., July 31, noon, 2010

LA Weekly