What are your top 5 flirting tips to make the best impression when meeting a guy for the first time?

Flirting has been around since the beginning of mankind as a tool to get to know someone else and is part of the reproduction process. Without flirting, the human race would become extinct or at the very least be very boring.

Use vibrant lipstick colors that match your skin tone and draw attention to your mouth. Wear clothing that makes you feel confident and sexy, make eye contact with him, but only for a quick second. Then look away with a smile, raise your eyebrows playfully when locking eyes to give a mysterious look.

– Sometimes knowing what to say can be the hardest part of flirting, but knowing what to say ahead of time can make all the difference. Pick a few funny lines or sincere open-ended compliments that can lead to a conversation. Remember to be light-hearted and fun, never take yourself too seriously on the initial flirting encounter.

– Gently caress your arms or neck, twirl your hair or run your hands through your hair, touching him lightly on the hand or shoulder and playing with your straw or the rim of your glass provocatively.

Although this activity is not to be done in plain sight, it still gets the point across. The innocent game of footsies requires using your foot to make contact with the foot of your targeted flirt. Gently nudging or trace along the perimeter of his foot with yours under the table or when sitting side by side.

– Leave them with a feeling of curiosity; don't give it all away on the first encounter. Give a final compliment that makes him really feel good and walk away with your head held high and a confident smile.


Suat Eman.

LA Weekly