Avert your eyes! These following explicit movie moments are either severe, perverse or completely unwatchable. (Which probably means you are going to Netflix later out of sheer curiosity… ya' scamp.)

1. Titus – The Torture of Lavinia

From orgies to The Lion King — Julie Taymor is known for her visuals. We are shown the taunting of rape victim, Lavinia – tongue cut out, hands severed. Twigs are bandaged to replace her extremities, all very graphic. The cinematic take on Shakespeare's classic is both jolting and uncomfortably memorable.

Side note: The brilliant and androgynous Alan Cumming gives good screen time. (Cumming, The Fragrance)

2. Mulholland Drive – Naomi Watts Rubs One Out

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the masterful David Lynch. Okay.

Lynch succeeds in creating tension through a series of nipple shots and tears. During this masturbation sequence, the audience feels something completely private and desperate. For any straight woman, gay man or small child — this scene lasts about AN HOUR too long. You can almost smell it.

3. Antichrist – Who What When Where Why How

I must unsee, WHY CAN'T I UNSEE?? Here we have a grisly, no holds barred camera angle of a woman (Serge Gainsbourg's daughter, COOL!) …CUTTING OFF HER CLIT. Willem Dafoe's DING DONG squirting blood.  Other things. I refuse to give any more time, thought or word to this movie.  I shall direct you to Seth MacFarlane for further comment.

4. Eyes Wide Shut – The Orgy That Would Never Actually Happen

People tend to be very polarized when it comes to this controversial Kubrick film — love it or hate it. The Sexy! Orgy! Party! is mechanical (which I suppose is the point?). Pan left to slow motion titty rubs. Tom Cruise adventures! Sex cults rule!

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – The Swedish Douchewad

This crime drama contains images of mutilated women, dildos, bisexuality and reference to incest — the entire gamut. The forceful sex is integral in propelling the story forward, sure. But let's all agree — rape is NO BUENO. The Swedish title literally translates Men Who Hate Women. Violent throws, pubic areas exposed — brutal and disturbing. No thank you.


What is your opinion? Which films should have been included on this list? 

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