Last night I went to see Wendy & Lisa. Remember them? After Prince ended his Revolution, guitarist Wendy Melvoin and keyboardist Lisa Coleman, co-wrote a bunch of songs with him (post-Apolonia, pre-Vanity). Well, they went on to score movies and TV shows (Carnivale, and Head Cases) and still record together. Last night, they played at to a sold-out crowd at Largo, a bunch of non-ticket holders were even turned away. Luckily, I was on the list. Well, I was my friend Stuart Blumberg's anonymous “plus one.” Stu's a screenwriter (Keeping the Faith, Girl Next Door) who just co-wrote a script with Wendy's wife writer/director Lisa Cholodenko (High Art, Laurel Canyon).  In fact, I had the honor of being present at the 101 diner when Stu and Lisa (Cholodenko) actually decided to co-write “something” together. Now, shooting is set for the fall and Julianne Moore is attached to star. I had witnessed a Hollywood moment. Cholodenko now a few months preganant and glowing watched from a booth, as Wendy & Lisa (Coleman, the other) jammed away, performing a song for Chris Penn, who passed away this past Tuesday. I have to admit I was distracted throughout the performance by another only-a-first-name-is-needed guest— BECK!!

(sorry I don't have pics, they threatened to kick me out when I pulled out my camera). Beck looked like a cross between Tom Petty and John Lennon, in a felt hat and round gold wire frames, and a big mustache. His Yoko was there too, wife and Scientologist Marissa Ribisi (Giovanni's twin). Two other dudes were sitting with them, I didn't recognize them.  I caught this moment where Beck reached across the table and grabbed Marissa's hand, it was so sweet. At one point Beck got up ubruptly and stood next to Stu and I. I have no idea why. Moments later he returned to his seat in front of me. I tried not to stare. Really, I tried. But it was BECK. And he's dreamy.

Photo creds: Wendy & Lisa ( by Kid A

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