Hollywood was all closed up by 11:30 a.m. Sunday and already hundreds of movie fans started to line up outside Kodak Theater, hoping to catch a glimpse of somebody, anybody. I ran over to Hollywood & Highland to play Joan Rivers, asking people waiting in line the big question: “And who are you wearing?”

This guy told me he dressed in orange because he wanted Jodie Foster to be able to see him. “It is very important that Jodie see me. I sent her nine packages. I write her all the time, and she has never written me back once.”

Orit’s outfit was an international ensemble. Vest from London, shoes from Israel. Her son Tom wanted to see Hilary Duff, and Sean hoped to see Kelly Clarkson. My parents would have sooner buried me in the back yard than hang out with me in a long line so that I could catch a glimpse of Kirk Cameron. These kids are lucky, but they had no chance of seeing anyone unless they brought binoculars.

Apparently American Eagle and Express are all the rage for those watching the red carpet this year. These chicks in town from San Diego were wearing Express jeans and American Eagle cargo pants, and Old Navy flip-flops. Jill made a bold move by rocking the red Columbia jacket.

Yuna (left) and Minori fumbled for their labels when asked. Minori is wearing Benetton pants and a Pageboy denim jacket. Yuna faithfully adhered to the classic red-carpet apparel — skirt and shirt are American Eagle. When asked who they hope to see, they said, “We don’t care. Anyone, really . . .”

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