That Whitley Kros! She's so hip, clever, funky, and well-traveled. She's kooky about how she mixes her prints, but she always looks good despite herself. For spring/summer 2009, she's wearing Africa-inspired chambray jumpsuits, tunic dresses, dip-dyed tanks, bloomers, and chiffon dresses. As her website says, she's “comfortable in cafes, or standing at the sea.” She slips tiny handwritten poems into books and lives out of her satchel. Was she at her fashion show tonight? No.

Why? Because Whitley Kros is not a real girl.

She is not even a human. She is an imaginary muse cooked up by designers Marissa Ribisi (a.k.a. Giovanni's twin sister and Beck's wife) and Sophia Banks. “The concept for the line is if everything fell out of her suitcase what you would see,” Ribisi said in an interview once. This was the show everyone was looking forward to tonight. Whitley Kros is a Gossip Girl favorite. The entire idea is a slam dunk, really. Since what is more alluring, more bedeviling and capitvating than a pretty girl who is so cool and perfect and effortlessly stylish she doesn't even exist.

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