Why is it when there's something totally amazing that I need to take a picture of, a live WOLF for instance being walked by a model on a fashion runway, my camera chokes? This photo is blurry because the wolf was pulling the skinny model. It's at “The Green Initiative” show at Smashbox. It was the season's closing event. The line was around the block, a great thing for green fashion.

Emily Factor showed some flirty, ruffly dresses, all in eco-conscious fabrics. M the Movement showed menswear. We know the stuff is comfortable because the guys were doing hand-stands and jumping around like frogs. EcoSkin did slinky gowns and dresses and skirt and top separates. One of the Smart Glass designs by Kathleen Plate (who did the show's jewelry) was this amazing dress made out of slivers of recycled glass bottles. I'm not sure where you'd wear it, or how careful you have to be not to break it, but it was very pretty. For eco-aware Vegas strippers, saving the world one lapdance at a time?

All in all, it's nice to see eco stuff looking modern and fashion forward. If only eco consciousness could be a given for designers, and not the exception. But it's a start.

And of course, no fashion week would be complete without a sighting of…Bai Ling. Of course, her photo is super in-focus. I hate my camera.

(model with wolf)

(model with snake)

(glass dress…careful where you sit!)

(hello bai!)

(m the movement breakdancers)

(tribal dancers)

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