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Fanatics! Our flags are at half mast as we salute the life of Devo member Bob Casale, otherwise known as Bob 1, who passed away a few days ago. He was a friendly and talented guy and part of a truly groundbreaking band.

I bet many of you Fanatics are fans of Devo. Perhaps they're not everyone's thing, but it sure is mine. It was one of the better music discoveries I made. I don't know how I first encountered them. I do remember getting the first album, and there was no warming up to the band, I just liked them immediately. And still to this day, their records still work for me. Actually, they sound better than ever.

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I thought that tonight we would rock some Devo, but to make things even more interesting, that we would play the music of other great Ohio bands from loosely the same time period. That was one happening scene.

If you ever get a chance, check out the Rocket From the Tombs material. You'll hear early Pere Ubu and early Dead Boys material. We will get into a little of that tonight. Also, the music of Peter Laughner, Rocket and early Ubu member as well as solo artist. I put some of these tracks in tonight to hope spark your imagination.

Some interesting Ohio records to check if you are liking what you're hearing tonight:

Peter Laughner & Friends – Take the Guitar Player for a Ride
Rocket From the Tombs – The Day the Earth Met
Pere Ubu – Terminal Tower
Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance
Mirrors / Electric Eels / Styrenes – Those Were Different Times
Electric Eels – The Eyeball of Hell (Note: There are a few different EE comps. This one is on vinyl and is to me the best sounding/best selection.)
Mirrors – Hands In My Pockets
Pagans – Shit Street
Devo – B Stiff EP
Cramps – Songs the Lord Taught Us
Cramps – Psychedelic Jungle
Cramps – Gravest Hits
Devo – Hardcore Vols. 1&2 (the bootleg 3&4 are worthwhile too)
Devo – Are We Not Men
Devo – Duty Now for the Future

We are very lucky to have those Devo records. I know you have heard a lot of their music on our show. I hope you check them out on your own time as well. I will never stop listening to them.

Fanatic, did you dig last week's show with John Dwyer? He was great, wasn't he? Cool guy, great taste in music, GREAT NEW SOLO ALBUM!!!

I thought it was a good night. As you might know, we don't have many guests in the studio with us but he was good to go. I hope you checked last week's updated notes to see all the tunes he brought in.

It's a great show tonight, Fanatic. Tonight, we're all DEVO!

Twist away the gates of steel and STAY FANATIC!!! 
– – Henry

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Hour 1
01. Devo – We're All Devo / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
02. Devo – Jocko Homo (Booji Boy version) / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
03. Devo – Social Fools / Be Stiff EP
04. Devo – Bamboo Bimbo / Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
05. Peter Laughner – Life Stinks / Take The Guitar Player For A Ride
06. The Cramps – Garbageman / Songs the Lord Taught Us
07. Devo – Be Stiff (Stiff version) / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
08. Devo – Mechanical Man / Hardcore Devo Volume 1
09. Devo – Turn Around / Recombo DNA
10. Electric Eels – Agitated / The Eyeball of Hell
11. The Mirrors – Living Without You / Those Were Different Times
12. Devo – Subhuman Woman / Devo Live: The Mongoloid Years
13. Devo – Too Much Paranoia (Original Version) / Hardcore Devo Vol 3
14. Devo – Growing Pains / Shout
15. Pere Ubu – Humor Me / The Modern Dance
16. Dave E. McManus – The Big “O” / Those Were Different Times

Hour 2
01. Devo – General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
02. Devo – Wiggly World / Duty Now for the Future
03. Devo – Explosions / Oh No! It's Devo
04, Devo – Nutty Buddy (NYC '77) / Devo         Hardcore Devo Vol 3
05. The Pagans – Dead End America / Shit Street
06. Devo – Gates Of Steel / Freedom of Choice
07. Devo – Snowball / Freedom of Choice
08. Devo – Red Eye / Duty Now For The Future
09. Devo – It Takes a Worried Man / Pioneers Who Got Scalped
10. Rocket From The Tombs – Sonic Reducer / The Day The Earth Met The
11. Devo – Cold War / Freedom of Choice
12. Devo – Beautiful World / New Traditionalists
13. Devo – Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA / Duty Now For The Future
14. Devo – Time Out for Fun / Oh No! It's Devo

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