A new Food Network show is casting, and looking for home cooks. It's a great opportunity if the following things are important to you:

1. Cooking.

2. Thinking you're better than everyone else.

3. Impressing Bobby Flay.

The show's casting flyer asks: “Is your house always filled with guests who are craving your amazing meals? Do you throw the best dinner parties in town? Are people always asking for your recipes?” It also says you have to be “fiercely competitive,” and “truly believe that you are the best home cook around.” In other words, this is a show for those annoying friends of yours who invite you over so they can show off their fancy kitchen and their impressive wine collection and snicker at you as you mispronounce the rare ingredients they incorporate into their snobby, delicious food.

Bobby Flay is involved. Oh, and you have to cook as a duo.

If this all sounds awesome, instructions on how to apply are after the jump.

To apply for an interview, email BobbysBestHomeCookLA@gmail.com with the following information:

· Your name & the name of your teammate

· Recent photos of you & your teammate

· A short bio on you & your teammate (relationship, occupations, etc.)

· Tell us why you are the best home cooks, please provide photos of your food

· Tell us about the best parties you've thrown

· Your contact information & current location

Deadline to apply in L.A. is Wednesday, July 25, 2012.

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