Exploring Red Roof’s Four Brands: Comfort, Quality, and Affordability Under One Roof

Welcome to the world of Red Roof, the award-winning leader in lodging and the parent brand of a  portfolio of hotel brands, each catering to unique traveler needs. In this exploration, we delve into the four distinctive brands under the Red Roof umbrella: Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, HomeTowne Studios, and The Red Collection. Join us as we uncover the diverse experiences offered by Red Roof.

At the heart of the Red Roof brand is Red Roof Inn. Red Roof Inn offers affordable comfort and convenience. The classic Red Roof Inn is known for providing travelers with a clean, modern, and comfortable stay within their budget. The brand aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes guests feel at home wherever they travel so they can Sleep Easy. Spend Less®.

Red Roof PLUS+ offers a perfect blend of premium amenities and unbeatable value. This brand combines sleek modernity with affordability, providing guests with stylish upgrades and enhanced services. Red Roof PLUS+ promises an upgraded stay that won’t break the bank, offering everything guests love about Red Roof Inn plus a little more to elevate the experience even further.

HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for individuals seeking an extended stay. With a focus on convenience, spaciousness, and a comfortable atmosphere, these studios are perfect for short-term and long-term visits. Equipped with kitchenettes and inclusive amenities, HomeTowne Studios ensures that guests can live like locals during their extended stay, enjoying all the basic essentials of home with the quality and affordability that Red Roof is known for.

The Red Collection is a group of hyper-local unique hotels that offer guests a chance to experience the vibrant energy and culture of the destination. These midscale hotels provide modern, unique, and convenient accommodations inspired by their local surroundings. The Red Collection showcases Red Roof’s ability to blend upscale city living with value, offering guests a locally flavored experience that is truly unique.

Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, HomeTowne Studios, and The Red Collection are the four brands that form the foundation of Red Roof’s commitment to providing quality lodging options for all travelers. Whether it’s a short business trip or an extended leisure stay, Red Roof offers a range of affordable rooms and boutique city experiences to cater to everyone’s needs. This exploration will delve deeper into each brand, uncovering the unique qualities that make each distinctively Red Roof.

Red Roof’s Four Distinctive Brands

Red Roof’s portfolio offers a diverse collection of brands united in their commitment to quality and hospitality. Each brand has a unique offering, catering to a wide range of guest needs. Here’s an overview of each brand’s unique offerings under the Red Roof umbrella.

Red Roof Inn: The Model for  Affordable Comfort

Red Roof Inn is where guests can Sleep Easy, Spend Less™. For fifty years, this brand has been synonymous with providing quality, convenient accommodations at a price that is accessible to all. Each Red Roof Inn property is designed to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that guests feel a sense of belonging from the moment they step through the doors.

The key to Red Roof Inn’s enduring appeal lies in its commitment to simplicity and essential comfort. Guests can expect clean, modern rooms with all the amenities necessary for a restful stay. The brand’s focus on practicality and value does not come at the expense of comfort but enhances the overall guest experience. Red Roof Inn’s nationwide presence makes it a reliable choice for travelers, whether they are on a road trip, business visit, or family vacation. And, at Red Roof Inn, pets stay free so guests can bring their whole family.

Welcoming and warm, each Red Roof Inn property embodies a spirit of hospitality that resonates with guests. The brand prides itself on creating an environment where guests can relax and recharge, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a no-frills, comfortable, and affordable stay.

Red Roof PLUS+: The Upscale Economy Experience

Red Roof PLUS+ seamlessly blends style with value, offering an elevated experience enriched with modern amenities. Building on the comfort of Red Roof Inn, this brand introduces additional features, catering to the contemporary traveler’s needs.

Guests at Red Roof PLUS+ enjoy upgrades that enhance both work and relaxation. The option to upgrade to a PREMIUM Room brings a suite of conveniences: welcoming door signage, a spacious workstation, and essential appliances like a microwave and mini-fridge. Complimentary snacks such as popcorn, trail mix, granola bars, and bottled water add a touch of indulgence for PREMIUM room stays.

The upgraded coffee experience, plush pillow-top mattress, and Love Your Linens® bedding ensure a comfortable stay. For entertainment and convenience, rooms feature a larger flat-screen TV with over 36 HD channels, an iron/ironing board, a hair dryer, and TRUE RED® bathroom amenities. Additional outlets for device charging and stylish wood-like flooring round out the amenities while maintaining the Red Roof promise of affordability.

Red Roof PLUS+ is ideal for guests seeking upscale amenities at economy prices, enhancing the classic Red Roof Inn experience with modern comforts and style.

HomeTowne Studios: Your Home Away From Home

HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof is A Brand New Way to Extended Stay®. These studios are expertly crafted for short-term and long-term visits, providing a cozy atmosphere that makes guests feel settled and right at home.

Central to the HomeTowne Studios experience is the fully equipped kitchenette in each room, designed to cater to the everyday needs of guests. Featuring a refrigerator, microwave, and stove top, these kitchenettes allow guests to prepare their meals just the way they like, adding a sense of home-cooked comfort to their stay. Additionally, each room includes a dedicated dining space, creating a sweet spot for guests to savor their meals in a relaxed setting.

Beyond the kitchenette, HomeTowne Studios ensures that each stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible. The accommodations are spacious, balancing comfort with practicality. On-site laundry facilities and flexible rate options further enhance the living experience, allowing guests to maintain their daily routines without any hassle.

HomeTowne Studios is committed to providing quality accommodations at affordable prices. The emphasis on a welcoming, home-like environment positions the brand as a top choice for travelers needing a longer-term lodging solution that upholds comfort and value. Whether staying for a week, a month, or longer, HomeTowne Studios offers guests The Basic Essentials for a Long Term Stay®.

The Red Collection: Premier Locations with a Unique Design

In the Hearts of Cities You Love™, the Red Collection® by Red Roof represents a curated selection of hotels in premier, sought-after destinations. These properties offer the allure of staying right in the pulse of the city, close to top area attractions and the local action. Each hotel is strategically placed to provide easy access to transit options, ensuring guests are perfectly positioned to explore and immerse themselves in their surroundings.

What truly sets The Red Collection® apart is its unique design, inspired by the vibe and culture of the cities they inhabit. This approach results in an authentic, hyper-local experience for guests, with each hotel reflecting the character and spirit of its environment. The interiors and amenities of The Red Collection® hotels are thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the local culture, offering a stay as distinctive as the city itself.

In addition to their prime locations and unique designs, these hotels offer an array of amenities that encapsulate the boutique hotel experience while maintaining the comfort and hospitality expected of the Red Roof brand. Guests can relax on the luxurious “Sleep Easy Collection” Pillow Top PLUS+ Mattress by Serta, stay connected with free Verified Wi-Fi™, and enjoy the convenience of free in-room coffee. The rooms are equipped with spa-quality toiletries and 42” flat-screen TVs, enhancing the overall experience. Selected hotels within The Red Collection® further elevate the stay with additional facilities such as pools, fitness centers, or complimentary breakfast.

The Red Collection® redefines the boutique hotel experience, combining premier locations with unique, culturally inspired designs. This combination makes these hotels a prime choice for travelers seeking an authentic city experience, where they can fully engage with the local lifestyle while enjoying upscale amenities and services at a value price.

Four Brands, One Roof

Red Roof’s diverse portfolio showcases the harmony of individual strengths and unique offerings across its four distinct brands. From the foundational comfort of Red Roof Inn to the modern flair of Red Roof PLUS+, the home-like convenience of HomeTowne Studios, and the in-demand destinations of The Red Collection, each brand stands as a testament to Red Roof’s versatility and commitment to hospitality.

Central to each brand is the shared commitment to quality, affordability, and guest satisfaction. Red Roof Inn offers the quintessence of affordable comfort, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking simplicity and value. Red Roof PLUS+ takes this a step further, adding modern upgrades for those desiring a bit more sophistication. HomeTowne Studios addresses the needs of extended-stay guests with its cozy, apartment-style amenities, while The Red Collection immerses travelers in the local culture and vibrancy of city life.

This blend of distinct experiences under one roof reflects Red Roof’s overarching vision: to be a versatile and welcoming hotel brand for all types of travelers. Whether guests are on a quick business trip, a family vacation, or need a longer-term residence, they can find a Red Roof property that caters to their specific needs without compromising on quality or value.

Discover  Red Roof: The Best Experience and Value in the Lodging Industry

For business or leisure, short trips or extended stays, in the hearts of cities or on the road, Red Roof has a property for every traveler. Whether you’re drawn to the classic economy lodging choice of Red Roof Inn, the Upscale Economy®  allure of Red Roof PLUS+, the easy convenience of HomeTowne Studios, or the hyper-local sophistication of The Red Collection, a Red Roof is waiting to welcome you. Dive into our world online, where each brand unfolds its own story, inviting you to find the perfect backdrop for your next adventure. Book your stay at Red Roof today to discover the best experience and value in the lodging industry.

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