On stage and on the road, El Ten Eleven are some of the hardest working fellas in the music biz. Live, the duo of double neck bass/guitar mastermind Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty lay down multi-layered post-rock anthems and electro jams on the fly. Dunn plays a riff on his double-neck guitar or fretless bass then stomps on looping pedals like they were giant radioactive roaches. As each layer upon layer is set, El Ten Eleven's songs coalesce into head nodding, cog-spinning music machines.

Tonight, the duo visits the Bootleg theater to play with up-and-coming LA beat scene kid, Baths and Sister Crayon.

Their new album “It's Still Like A Secret” comes out November 9th, but take a first listen to the track “Indian Winter” here:

Indian Winter by El Ten Eleven

The men at work:

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