Virtual Barre Class with The Bar Method Tustin

April 18, 2020

9:30 a.m. PT

Get moving in your living room with Janet and Verna from The Bar Method Tustin!

Broadstone Arden invites residents and non-residents alike to join us for an in-home class with The Bar Method Tustin on Instagram (@broadstonearden) this Saturday, April 18th, starting at 9:30 a.m.! An instructor from The Bar Method will be streaming live from a studio, and all you need to do is follow us on IG at @BroadstoneArden and hit our “Live Story” feature when the time comes.

*Note: The instructor is the only person on camera, so feel free to get loose and sweaty! We recommend you have a mat, sturdy support (chair, counter, back of sofa etc), light weights or cans/water bottles, bath towel folded, pillow for support, and a strap (belt, bathrobe tie, etc.)!

Photo credit: The Bar Method Tustin

Event Location

Tustin, CA, USA

Event Fees



All Ages


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