The subversive video and performance group known as Everything Is Terrible is ready to ravage the retail scene by opening its own storefront, and they’re having a “terrible” bash to celebrate. The collective, best known for its Jerry Maguire VHS collection installation, wild video comps culled from strange and amazing found footage and screenings, and puppet parties, celebrates its new home base, where henceforth, it will host events and sell its branded clothing and lifestyle items.

(Star Foreman)

The opening extravaganza will feature new immersive installations, DJs, photo booths, food, drinks and, of course, schlocky shopping galore where someone at the register is more than likely to say, “show me the money!” Everything Is Terrible, 754 S. Atlantic Blvd. , East L.A.; Sat., July 6, 8 p.m.-mid.; free. facebook.com/events/1082397855303561/

All photos from L.A. Weekly‘s coverage of E.I.T.’s  Jerry Maguire “video store” opening in 2017.  See Star Foreman’s full slideshow here.

(Star Foreman)

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