I was around a lot of gloomy Democrats today who are more or less convinced that McCain's got this thing in the bag.

They came to me looking to get cheered up because I've been writing columns to the contrary. In the end, of course, I don't know. I can only guess.

But one of my arguments or, better said, talking points is this: Yes, you can say that something is awry because Obama ought to be up 20 points in the polls. Or you can take the opposite tack, one I've been pointing out, and say: “Here we have John McCain. A long-time senator. A bona fide war hero in a time of war. Someone who has indeed showed moments of great independence from his party. And yet, he's running a couple of points behind a 47-year-old, black freshman senator whose middle name is Hussein. So, exactly who is in trouble here?”

I was tickled to see the same argument floated in today's sparkling MoDo column. Read it.

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